About Us

We, Blue Birds, are here to make sure the right crystal gets to the right place. It is our belief that every crystal makes this world happier and brighter with its unique presence.

Therefore, our job is to help distribute crystals worldwide.

Our storages are located both in São Paulo, Brazil and Los Angeles, California. This way, we are able to purchase our crystals directly from the brazilian mines, making sure all of our products keep it’s original fresh energy from the moment it was first found at the source.

As a company of crystal lovers, we are fully aware of the whole production process from the moment of extraction to the moment the delivery meets your door. Crystals need us to be conscious and respectful. And we are.

Investigating the fantastic nature of crystals is our passion. For this reason, we will be happy to hear what you have to say about it, as well as share with you what we have learned so far.

Just let us know!


The BlueBird Crystals Team